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AIRUNIT living room ventilation Enjoy fresh air and live healthier

Take a deep breath and enjoy the pure air like at the seaside or in the mountains. Look forward to that feeling of well-being in your house or flat.

Optimum air quality for a better indoor climate.

Good air is essential for your well-being and health. But we spend most of our lives indoors. It is therefore all the more important to ensure good air quality in closed rooms. This is where the AIRUNIT room ventilation system comes in. It automatically exchanges used and humid air, recovers up to 99 % of the heat and brings fresh, filtered outside air into your rooms. Exactly the oxygen-rich power your body needs.

Why do we need good air?

Air is the most essential element on earth. We could not survive without it. Clean air lifts our mood and contributes to a better sense of well-being. It is no coincidence that we feel so good in nature: Here I can breathe (air) deeply, here I am relaxed.

Wouldn't it be nice to have such good air quality every day in our homes as well? This is not only important, but essential. AIRUNIT makes it easy for you.


  • Innovative ventilation system for new buildings and retrofitting
  • Permanently fresh and healthy air for the best indoor climate
  • Energy-efficient and with heat recovery up to 99 %
  • One of the most efficient single room ventilation systems on the market
  • For bathrooms, WCs, kitchens, children's rooms, living rooms and bedrooms
  • Intelligent sensor control for optimum air quality
  • Simple installation

Experience AIRUNIT live:

Hygienic, clean air - a precious commodity is becoming increasingly rare

If you live in the city, on a busy road or near an industrial or commercial area, you can't just open the windows to let fresh air into your rooms. The noise is too great and too many dirt particles are carried into your home. The problem is even greater in winter.

People ventilate far too seldom to avoid wasting energy. But not airing at all or only very rarely is harmful, because stale, bad air makes you ill and has a negative effect on your psyche. In addition, mould can form if the air in the room is too humid.

With AIRUNIT you can breathe again

With the AIRUNIT residential ventilation system, you get the ideal solution to ensure better air quality in your indoor rooms. The system filters the air from outside and thus supplies fresh air to every room.

Especially in cities and in energy-efficiently insulated buildings, it is important to ensure healthy and clean air quality. AIRUNIT simply offers you this possibility and thus contributes to the well-being and health of your family.

Well-insulated houses, but no air exchange

It sounds paradoxical, but another aspect that causes bad indoor air is, of all things, the good insulation of modern houses or energetically renovated buildings. The reason: the building envelope and the windows with triple glazing let almost no air in or out - the natural exchange of air no longer takes place. With the decentralised living space ventilation AIRUNIT, you can eliminate all these problems and gain a completely new feeling of well-being in your home.

  1. Clean and fresh air throughout the house at all times
  2. Sensor-controlled ventilation according to actual demand, automatically prevents excessive humidity.
  3. Simple and safe installation, wall ducts made of insulating materials with integrated slope

Clever, economical, durable and highly effective: AIRUNIT GEMINI and AIRUNIT SOLUS 2.0

The AIRUNIT living space ventilation systems are suitable for new buildings and retrofitting. The innovative ventilation systems are available in two versions. Both systems are characterised by intelligent control, maximum living comfort and up to 99 % heat recovery. The ventilation systems work so quietly that they are virtually inaudible and do not disturb your sleep. Both systems can be combined with each other depending on the room size and air requirement.


AIRUNIT GEMINI is controlled by sensors that automatically ensure optimum air quality.
Single room ventilation unit with two fans, double heat recovery and two G3 air filters. Due to the two fans, air extraction and air supply take place in parallel. The AIRUNIT GEMINI is one of the world's most powerful and quietest fans in the class of dual-duct units for domestic ventilation with heat recovery.

  1. Single room solution for living room, bathroom and kitchen with up to 25 m2 living space
  2. Fully automatic demand-controlled operation through integrated sensor technology
  3. Very high energy savings due to up to 99 % heat recovery
  4. High-performance exhaust air mode for standard-compliant operation in bathrooms and kitchens

Installation instructions ERP data sheet


Compact ventilation unit with one fan, heat recovery and a G3 air filter.
also works sensor-controlled. First, the stale room air is led outside. Then AIRUNIT SOLUS 2.0 changes the direction of ventilation and fresh outside air is supplied to the room.

  1. Whisper-quiet operation from 11 db(A)
  2. High energy savings due to up to 99 % heat recovery
  3. Integrated sensor technology for operation according to real requirements (humidity and temperature)
  4. High-quality panels in any RAL colour possible

Installation instructions ERP data sheet


Connection of up to 6 decentralised living space ventilation units and expansion to up to 16 units possible. 5 levels + OFF. Cross ventilation for summer operation, filter display, digital input (bathroom fan operation) as well as RS-485 interface for fully automatic sensor operation or integration into a mode system. For installation in a simple device box incl. white frame.

  1. Clear design language and easy handling
  2. Sleeptimer function
  3. Operating modes: Heat recovery / cross ventilation / pause / off.
  4. Software support

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The installation of AIRUNIT is so easy (german only)

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